This Fashionista executes the perfect look when it comes to dressing for class. She makes looking comfy and classy look effortless with a sweater, jeans and fall accessories.

As we get further into November, the weather changes drastically and can never be predicted; the same goes for classroom temperatures. Following this Fashionista’s lead, you can create outfits to wear to class that you will be comfortable and warm, all while looking cute.

When choosing a top, it is best to pick something that is a material that is not too heavy or too light. The most important thing to look for is texture, especially if you have all your classes in one day. Nothing can ruin your day more than an itchy sweater. A similar sweater to the one this Fashionista is wearing is one that is light, but still warm.

The bottoms are the easiest part because you can throw on any pair of jeans and make it work. My favorite jeans are from Hollister Co. because they fit my height and my shape perfectly. These would be perfect because they are super skinny jeans in a dark wash, which would pair well with the sweater.

To finish the look you just need a great pair of shoes and some accessories. This Fashionista chose a rustic red color for her slip on shoes, which are similar to these from DSW. In addition to the shoes, she added a pair of aviator sunglasses and a long necklace. For the necklace, choose anything with a long chain and some kind of charm or detail that isn’t too overpowering, but is enough to make a subtle statement.

One Simple Change: In order to change this look from a daytime class outfit to a casual dinner or date night look, you will just have to change the top. Changing to something with more details will create an edgier look more appropriate for nighttime. I would choose something that would match with the shoes and has a shorter sleeve, similar to this. This could also allow for a jacket to be added into the outfit. The necklace can either be kept on to add more of a flare or taken off to put more emphasis on the detail of the shirt.