Everyone is finally back on campus and ready to start a new year. During the first few weeks of school, you typically don’t want to wear formal attire, but you also aren’t ready to break out the sweatpants just yet. This Fashionista shows you the perfect way to dress casually cute for those long days spent on campus.

The start of the fall semester is a tricky time when making stylistic choices because the weather tends to be all over the place. During the in-between period where it isn’t extremely hot but definitely not yet sweater weather, this Fashionista opts for a pair of turquoise shorts and a loose-fitting button-up floral tank top. The detailed cutouts of her tank top allow for an even looser fit.

She applies simple makeup and wears a low bun in her hair to keep the outfit light. Putting her hair up allows the Fashionista to perfectly show off the details of her tank top. The Fashionista chose a pair of brown sandals with silver accents that directly complement her accessories.

Adding a long, silver necklace and stud earrings completes this Fashionista’s look. Simple accessories assure that her outfit is not too busy or overwhelming since the floral pattern of her shirt is already vibrant.

This outfit is ideal as an option for class. It isn’t as dressy as an outfit to wear out at night, but it isn’t as casual as a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt.

One Simple Change: Going straight from class to a girl’s night out? Trade out those shorts for a pair of dark skinny jeans for a look ready for a night of fun.