This week’s article as well as my last article of the semester is devoted for class looks. Staying chic while going to classes isn’t that hard. Even though we all want to be fashionable, sometimes those 8:00 a.m. classes can change your mind, so always have something trendy and comfortable ready. This article is for all of you who think they’re off the hook when it comes to school outfits.

This fabulous Fashionisto is keeping the simple and dark narrative with the neon color sneaker switch. And how can I not like that outfit when he has neon pink sneakers? He’s wearing dark skinny jeans, which are folded at the ends. An oversized black T-shirt that is a few sizes bigger than what he needs adds to the look. The loose T-shirt is in a perfect size in comparison to the skinny jeans he is wearing. He’s keeping it simple with classy Ray-Ban sunglasses, one simple bracelet on one of his hands and a watch on the other. Overall, the fact that he’s a native Paris guy that goes to school in Los Angeles is in his favor, as you can definitely sense his European style from miles away.

One Simple Change: Sometimes school days can be super late, even when it’s a Thursday! If you have a date night right after school and you don’t have time to go back home and get ready, you can always just change few things around. Change the Nike sneakers into moccasins and put on a suit jacket if you’re going to a fancy restaurant or a leather jacket if you’re going to a more casual place.