Alas, we have reached the end of summer. Goodbye to sleeping in until noon, goodbye to late nights, goodbye to summer fun. Although we say farewell to a wonderful season for now, we say hello to fall and back to school. At least in college heading back to class is way more fun than in high school. My university’s Welcome Week has not disappointed so far. We meet new friends and go on new adventures; going back to class is also better when you go back in style.

Here I have a Fashionista who is about to hit the books while staying cute and comfortable. Her romper is from H&M and is actually the third one to be found on campus already. But who can blame the girls? It is stylish and perfect for a long class and plus, H&M is known to be super affordable. It is the perfect shop for us college students on a budget but who still love to shop. Rompers also require little to no effort at all. Say, if you have slept in and are late to class you just throw it on. You will also want to wear comfortable shoes. She stuck to her Rainbows, a popular footwear brand among students. They are easy to slide on and walk out into the world in.

Thank you for joining me this summer on CollegeFashionista! I hope to be back soon and have a wonderful and successful school year. Stay RAD, everyone.

One Simple Change: In need of a girl’s night out after a long lecture? Throw on a cute pair of booties and a nice cross-body purse to look dressed for a night of fun.