The summer heat seems to be cooling down a bit as we work our way into mid-August. While it’s sad to let the season go, and our friends as we all return to our colleges, it’s time to start updating our wardrobes for the fall!

We’re all familiar with the awkward stage between summer and fall where the weather is bipolar and we aren’t sure if it’s too soon to start wearing our sweaters. With college classes coming, we must be prepared with how to dress for campus life.

As students with busy schedules, we first and foremost want to be comfortable throughout the day. Cotton leggings are a must-have as they pair nicely with almost any fabric and are less constricting than skinny jeans. Try something new like this Fashionista and go for colorful leggings. Cuff the bottoms of the pants and wear strappy sandals. Layer a plain, knit T-shirt under a coordinating kimono. Kimonos are a light, flowy and a super cute way to add pattern to your look. They also give your outfit length as they are typically longer in the back. Stack a variety of bracelets on your wrist and combine colors or shapes found in your kimono with bangles and bracelets. Don’t forget a large watch to keep track of time throughout your day! A long necklace adds a little touch to your simple top without being too busy in relation to your patterned kimono.

One Simple Change: As the weather gets chillier, exchange your sandals for boots with this look. Leggings tuck perfectly into riding boots and will keep you looking trendy while being cozy for the fall!