Throughout my college career, I’ve repeatedly encountered students with the notorious conception that dressing up for class is completely unnecessary—as college students, they eagerly feast on the opportunity to show up to lecture in sweatpants or pajamas. While this rings true for some people, I’m a strong advocate of dressing up for class. Mainly, it’s because I enjoy expressing my style, but more relevantly, I believe it’s important to present yourself in the best manner to your professors. How you dress can speak volumes about you as a person. It demonstrates your professionalism, defines your demeanor and exudes respect and a good impression. Even if you’re exhausted while attending your 8:00 a.m. lecture, dressing nicely versus rolling out of bed in your pajamas will present you as a more respectable student—doing so presents you as someone who is eager to learn and not ready to drift into slumber. If you keep your style game strong when stepping onto campus, you’ll always be prepared to encounter professionals and future employers (or even that possible love interest)!

Perhaps the best way to dress for class is to strike a balance between nonchalance and professionalism, which this Fashionisto masters perfectly. He demonstrates the versatility in his button-down by unbuttoning the entire shirt for a more casual approach, and then easily buttons it partway up for a more business and dressy appearance. Regardless of his choice, his light blue button-down reads as clean and timeless. Comfort is also crucial while dressing for class; you don’t want to put strain on your body while giving all your energy to learn the class material. He keeps his apparel comfortable with a pair of classic, dark wash denim and a comfortable walking shoe. Any pair of desert boots can dress up an outfit, and the shoes’ killer combination of style and comfort makes its popularity highly deserving. One simple watch adorns his wrist to accessorize with functionality. That’s all it takes to throw together an easy and clean outfit for class!

One Simple Change: Have an interview after your classes? Fully button up, tuck in your shirt and add a sleek blazer to look more structured. You’ll definitely be dressed to impress your interviewer!