Calling all students near and far. Soon we will head back to fulfill our academic duties. I start classes in two weeks (yikes), however campus life is always a blast. It is the first time classmates will see you after the three month summer departure. Our style is on a certain pedestal, and we must bring out our inner styles to make a fierce comeback *slaps desk with ruler*! Wanting to revamp your closet but rent, text books and tuition is swiping away your money? Fear not because just like this Fashionista illustrates, there is a solution.

I spotted this cool Fashionista at the Cranbrook Art Museum and immediately admired her classy style. I realized her outfit is a prime example of back to school wear. She is wearing a sweet pair of patterned culottes with a comfortable sweater. As we all know, culottes were on fire this summer and they will also be hot for this fall season; this means you should give in to fashion peer pressure and get the must-have look (you know you want to). These pants are obviously perfect for your on-campus journey from class to class. Plus, you can create multiple styles with a pair. You can go sweet and neutral like this Fashionista did by matching your culottes with a sweater, or go edgy with a tank and a killer vest. Low on money? Like other Fashionistas, she got her attire at a thrift store. One can easily get fierce attire second handedly.

Comebacks are not only applicable to apparel but also to beauty. Daydreaming about that hairstyle you want? Now is the time to get that style and catch the eyes of many, even the one you’ve been crushing on. Besides, we all know style daydreaming is distracting in class. This Fashionista is rocking the pastel blue ombré bob with a touch of bangs. I love her hairstyle not only for its beautiful cut but for its hint of a pastel hair color. The pastel ombré shows her inner personality. I encourage you to visit your trustworthy hairdresser and make your hair dreams come true.

One Simple Change: Relieving stress after class? Now that you’re back on campus, it is time to catch up with friends. Swipe the sweater for a halter for a girls’ night out.