Summer classes can be quite miserable. It’s hot and sticky outside, and while everyone is enjoying their summer, you’re inside for hours upon hours (can we talk about the extraneous workload?). The plus side of summer classes is getting ahead, which is a pretty neat feeling. Due to the fact that summer classes aren’t the most enjoyable (and for the most part are super stressful), we’re susceptible to resorting to “lazy” outfits such as gym clothes, shorts and a T-shirt, etc. This Fashionista, however, showed us a way to dress comfortably while still being trendy during the summer.

Decked out in everything Zara, this Fashionista looked comfortable yet stylish. She wore the cutest denim culottes; I’ve been obsessed with this trend lately (technically it’s a trend that’s coming back. Remember gaucho pants?). Pairing it with a simple graphic T-shirt, she was ready for a long summer day. Ending her outfit, she strutted in super relaxed sandals that were perfect for a day spent in classes. After accessorizing with transparent sunglasses and a vintage-esque bag, this Fashionista gave a perfect example of how to look cool and comfortable for a long day of summer classes.

One Simple Change: After finishing a day of classes, you’re probably going to want to meet up with friends and go out, am I right? Have no fear—simply swap out the T-shirt for a dressy top, ditch the sandals for a pair of heels and you’ve got yourself an outfit for a night out.