The summer semester is winding down in these next few weeks or so. I know that I speak for myself when I say that as the semester starts winding down, I choose to sleep in a little longer and in return, I speed through getting ready for class, which means that I will usually throw on whatever I see first. But like this Fashionista, I’ve learned to put cute outfits together while being pressured to get to class on time. All you need is to have is a small vision of what you want your outfit to look like and you can achieve that look even while being pressured for time.

This Fashionista didn’t have much time to get ready for class, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her outfit! The blouse that this Fashionista chose to wear is perfect for class. The details and color of her blouse help offset the heat and turn the attention towards her adorable top. White is always a smart color to wear during the summer because it doesn’t attract so much sunlight like darker colors do. Because the lace in this blouse is eye-catching, there is really no need to accessorize, but you could get away with wearing a small delicate necklace just like this Fashionista did.

To keep this Fashionista’s feet looking and feeling comfortable, she chose to wear a pair combat boots, which are the perfect choice for walking around campus. When you want to style your hair when you’re in a time crunch, wearing a headband like this Fashionista did will not only do the trick, but it will also save you a lot of time!

One Simple Change: You can easily transition this look for the weekend by simply choosing to trade the boots for a cute pair of sandals! By switching to sandals, you create an outfit that looks enjoyably causal.