July 24th, 2015 at 2:10am

Despite the summer status, some of us still have to hit the books and go to class this term. We all know it is incredibly easy (especially during summertime) to slum it to class. While this is true, and I am sure you’ve heard this about a thousand times throughout your school career: you will perform better in class if you dress up!

This Fashionista obviously takes this sentiment to heart, and it shows in her incredibly put together and polished outfit. A white semi-sheer and sleeveless blouse is the epitome of summer chic. This shirt is then tucked into a pair of adorable, high-waisted red shorts, which not only provide a pop of color, but also add a slight nautical spin. Unique takes on the classic anchor-blue nautical are popular this summer, and this Fashionista definitely knows the ropes.

An effortless and elegant outfit is complete with simple accessories. This look’s delicate watch features a black strap, matching the strap of the pair of kitten heels.  A watch is a go-to for any outfit in a summer school setting, as it lets you keep track of just how long you have to sit in that hot classroom. A pair of strappy heels adds a level of dressiness and seriousness to the outfit that is sure to boost your confidence, both inside the classroom and out!

One Simple Change: Transform this look from an outfit for class into a day to night look by adding a trendy leather jacket. The leather jacket will add some nighttime edge to the look, and allows you to take advantage of the limited period of time where we can wear shorts on warm summer evenings!