There are two kinds of college students: those who still care and those who forgot what caring feels like. Some of us choose to wake up hours before class to primp, drink a cup of coffee, drink another cup of coffee, check Reddit and leave early enough to make it to Strozier to get a third cup of coffee. Then there are some who wake up and leave with only minutes before they’re counted as being tardy. I get it. We’ve all reached that point in the semester where we stay up all night writing a paper for that 8 a.m. class we convinced ourselves wouldn’t be so bad (i.e. worst decision of our academic careers) and find it difficult to change out of the sweatpants that have offered us the only bit of comfort we’ve found all week.

I’m not here to judge any of my under-caffeinated peers, all I’m saying is there’s another way. Let this Fashionisto introduce you to your new uniform. It’s incredibly easy to recreate while still managing to look put together. The formula is as follows: graphic T-shirt + cardigan + jeans + sneakers = new uniform (your new-niform, if you will). See? No Calculus required. Extra points for adding personal flair with accessories.

Normally this look would be considered a fall ensemble in Florida (I’m so over shorts and tank tops. October, please come sooner), but he makes it work by using lighter colors. Best thing about it? Layers. Easy to slip off that cardigan in the summer heat and put it back on in the classroom (because at least in Florida we like to overcompensate for the hellish temperatures by cranking the thermostats to 70 degrees).

One Simple Change: Alright so you know how I said no sweatpants right? Well, come finals week that guy in the Snuggie is starting to look a lot less ridiculous. Fortunately, I’ve found a loophole: Joggers. Yep, we’ve finally found a socially acceptable form of sweatpants that you can wear in public without compromising your stylistic integrity. Don’t forget to pick up these necessities before finals week: #2 pencil, Blue Book, caffeine patches and joggers.