Although most college students are busy with their summer internships or relaxing at their summer lake houses, some of us are still on campus taking classes. This is definitely the time of the year when we may start to slack on our fashion game. One may not see as many people around on campus or at the library and it may not be fun or even necessary to wear a cute outfit!

When I saw this Fashionisto’s outfit, I immediately knew that he was dressed to impress. Wearing a simple button-down chambray shirt like this one and pairing it with a pair of khaki chinos makes the outfit casual and comfortable, yet makes him look pulled together effortlessly. A cute pair of graphic sneakers make the outfit appropriate for class and a comfortable way to get to class!

The way that this Fashionisto accessorized is my favorite part of the outfit. He told me a bit about his lokai bracelet, which is a bracelet that holds water in the white beads from Mount Everest, and mud from the Dead Sea in the single black bead.

The Fashionisto’s ability to incorporate a personal accessory into his wardrobe makes his outfit even cooler. I love that fashion can be so personal. Next time you see a Fashionista/o on the street, ask them about their style! They may tell you a wonderful story.

One Simple Change: Pair the same shirt with a pair of khaki pants and switch out the sneakers for a nice pair of loafers for a day at your internship or your next job interview.