July 17th, 2015 at 2:00am

The worst oxymoron a majority of us face is summer classes. Even though it can be a drag to get to campus on time when you could be poolside or at the beach, your outfit doesn’t have to suffer! As the fashion lovers we are, our wardrobes are full of pieces we could put together for a perfect look. However, sometimes when in a rush to get to class we get so frustrated in making the decision that we often throw on a T-shirt and yoga pants (and there is nothing wrong with that as yoga pants help us survive). But if you want to show your true Fashionista/o style on your campus, try a look similar to the one donned by this Fashionista!

I’ve talked about patterns before and how they can easily take a plain look and turn it into something more eye-catching. Sticking to neutrals is the best way to accomplish these types of simple and fun looks while remaining comfortable for those long summer classes. The Fashionista I spotted this week was using her simplistic pieces with a patterned bag in place of a book bag to create a perfectly chic look for class. Her solid top is a staple for class and even running errands since it’s light enough for the summer and has the perfect sleeve length for those chilly classrooms. She paired her top with basic skinny jeans and nude sandals detailed with a gold bow.

Her accessories are what really pulled the look together. A brown leather strap Fossil watch and long gold chain necklace complimented her patterned bag and detailed sandals perfectly. Even with simple articles of clothing, she expressed her style with these chic summer essentials.

One Simple Change: To transform this Fashionista’s casual daytime look into something more for the night, roll up those skinnies and switch into nude leather wedges and a patterned cross-body bag!