One of the many perks to being a CollegeFashionista is having the ability to turn your campus into a fashion playground. This fashion playground is unique as it showcases a variety of differing styles on a day to day basis, catering to a multitude of personalities.You can expect to see Fashionistas/os dashing to and from buildings well dressed in anything from joggers and a jean jacket to dapper suit and tie attire. The vogue spectrum on a college campus is quite broad.

College fashion is so diverse for many reasons that include the dozens of activities taking place on a campus at a given time. However, you can never truly predict where someone is going based on how he/she is dressed. Here’s the funny story.

I stopped today’s Fashionista because I admired her minimal corporate attire. Her deep gray, fitted dress it the perfect closet staple, especially for us young female professionals! Not only is it stylish and versatile, but it is also comfortable. This seemingly form-fitting dress gives the body a slimming look without hugging curves too tightly.

While admiring the simplicity of her dress, she redirected my focus. “I chose this dress because I wanted to show off my shoes.” To me, this is one of the advantages to a dress like this. It is sophisticated enough to stand on it’s own and only enhanced when accessorized with the right statement pieces. Her bright pumps are the perfect touch of youth and summer. I couldn’t help but think, “She’s handling her internship’s dress code stylishly.”

What’s the funny part of the story? She was coming from class! I was pleasantly surprised by my misjudgment.

While this ensemble is not the typical classroom attire, it is a great alternative for students in business schools and students who work part time on campus.

One Simple Change: This effortless corporate look and alternative classroom attire becomes interview appropriate with the help of a gray blazer. Why not take the monochrome trend to the office?