July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

The hardest thing to do in the morning, at least for me, is to pick what I’m going to wear for the day. I can simply stand in front of my closet for thirty minutes and still have no idea what to wear. Indecisive? Yes, very. But what makes everything easier are my go-to rompers. To me, they are an outfit in one and can make my mornings easy breezy.

Having a thing for rompers, of course this Fashionista caught my eye. She dons a flattering mustard yellow mid-sleeve romper with dainty little tassels and paired it with a blue stone necklace. Such a simple outfit with two opposing colors, yet it totally works! Her black tote bag embossed with the signature MK logo is a great choice for carrying all her schoolwork, and it looks good while doing it. This Fashionista, just like me, decided that a romper would make her school day easier—an easy slip-on and out the door she goes. I think everyone should own one; not only are they casual wear. but they are also so versatile. The simplicity of these rompers can easily be worn to different occasions just by accessorizing it differently for a specific event.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from school to traveling material, this Fashionista can easily switch her footwear to lace-up sandals for a more secure and comfortable fit on those long walks of sightseeing. These lace-up sandals are on trend right now and are a great way to add some flair to her already simple outfit. Doing so will turn this already boho-chic Fashionista into a bohemian dream.