How can you make your walk to class more stylish and cool? A pair of white overalls can help keep the summer heat at bay. These overalls paired with a cute shirt can really make sitting in a cold air conditioned classroom a lot more bearable. Overalls are quick and easy for outfit planning without any stress whatsoever. This outfit is on point and stress-free!

This is a very simple outfit that can easily be implemented on the budget of a college student. The overalls can be new or used. It is great for a busy on-the-go student. She is wearing white overalls paired with a polka-dot tank top. In addition, she accessorized with a charm bracelet and combat boots. If overalls are not for you, then stick to a simple white denim short. However, these trendy overalls for women looks like a trend with a lot of staying power. The trend seemed to have a large resurgence in 2014 and 2015 with celebrities like Vanessa Hugdens participating. This overall come back has taken the fashion world by surprise since it was an old ’90s trend. This overall trend could definitely could last a few years.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be worn with a long or short pair of overalls for class. In addition, this could be worn with a light blue denim wash. A black pair of combat boots against white overall creates a great contrast. This outfit could be added on to with some great statement necklaces or small hair accessories.