Some of us unfortunate souls have signed up for summer classes. Whether you’re taking summer classes to get ahead or retaking a class to get a better grade, I can almost guarantee that your summer lecture halls will be filled with students that looked like they just rolled out of bed. Do tired eyes, messy hair, sweatpants and flip flops sound all too familiar to you? I thought so. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame them. However, if you want to look and feel good on your first day of summer school, take some notes from this Fashionisto.

This Fashionisto kept his ensemble simple. He’s wearing some cream colored shorts and charcoal slip-on shoes. He dressed up his otherwise basic look with a blue button-down shirt with an interesting pattern. He completed his look with a matching navy backpack—an essential for class.

For an easy and casual back-to-school look, here are some tips from our Fashionisto of the day: 1. Start with neutral basics. These are the building blocks of any outfit. 2. Pick a standout piece. In our Fashionisto’s outfit, the bold blue button-down was the highlight of the outfit. 3. Keep it casual and dress accordingly. Make sure to check the weather when deciding what to wear for the day. Also, keep the temperature of the lecture hall in mind. Some schools like to keep their buildings extremely cold in the summertime. If that is the case, be sure to bring a lightweight sweater or jacket with you to class.

One Simple Change: Have plans after class on Friday? To easily transition your classroom look to weekend wear, simply lose the backpack and throw on a classic denim jacket or a cool bomber to add some interest to your outfit and stay warm on those breezy summer nights.