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It’s difficult trying to find the energy to look presentable when you’re scheduled to go to more than one lecture class in a day, but dressing up doesn’t have to be a chore. To get “dressed up” is notoriously known for having a rigorous connotation, as if we’re required to put a lot of effort if we choose to do so. We can select the standard pair of sweats or leggings, but doesn’t that encourage us more to have a sleepy mood when we head to class? If there’s a high percentage of cotton or elastane in my clothing’s fabric content, I’m most likely tempted to feel sleepy because of its comfort (let’s shed an imaginary tear for all the times we had to leave the maternal embrace of our bedsheets for that 8:00 a.m. class). Karl Lagerfeld is infamous for his disdain of sweatpants. Now, we don’t have to all throw our favorite sweats into a raging pit of fire as a final farewell, but let’s allow our go-to Victoria’s Secret pair to rest for awhile as we shift our eyes towards another favorable staple: the graphic T-shirt.

T-shirts have officially been reinvented. It started off a quick fix for days when we needed to head out the door fast, but witty slogans and mesmerizing designs have enabled Fashionistas to transform their laidback look into a runway approved outfit. A put together appearance is my natural caffeine for the day. An eye-catching look mentally encourages me to stay alert and work harder because my outward composure is visually already there.

I happened to be exiting campus when I saw this particular Fashionista entering the front gates. She was going uphill, having recently just bought her lunch, but even amongst our mundane setting she was dressed to the nines. Her ability to still have the same level of ease any other person would still have in loungewear is perfect fodder for the fashion savvy obsessed. She paired her graphic T-shirt with a leather skater skirt. Instead of slinging your sweater over your shoulders, switch up that preppy routine and wrap it around the waist like this Fashionista. The contrasting textures of the soft fabric of the sweater and the sleek surface of the skirt is a minor, but well-noted detail. She accessorized with a Chanel bracelet, minimal necklace and a black ribbon, which segue ways into my next favorite tip. You can use items from your local crafts store or collect pins, buttons and various small items to customize your look. The Fashionista’s combat boots with silver studs was a perfect pair for her luxe skirt’s thin zipper at the waist. To finish this “dressed up” look, she paradoxically paired it with a standard backpack, also enacting as a pop of color.

One Simple Change: Switch your backbag for a leather satchel. You can choose another bright color to spice up the look’s color palette for whatever venture you choose to embark on after class.