If you told me it was going to be another 100 degree day in Davis, I’d probably think you’re lying. For those of you who stay indoors all day for summer classes, you know the air conditioning makes it hard to remember it’s actually summer here. In fact, our campus might even be too fortunate with air conditioning (if such a thing exists), as some students are ditching short sleeves for sweaters. Sure, these students—including myself—just might belong to the small portion of the population that’s perpetually cold year-round. But if you’ve ever actually regretted wearing a romper to class during summer session, you might just want to join our cardigan compromised cult.

You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase, “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” Not only have I claimed this as a life mantra, but I’ve found it channeled through this Fashionista’s atypical summer outfit. By pairing two staple items—a denim oxford shirt and black skinny jeans—her outfit earns an “A” in appearing casual-chic. This Fashionista is even schooling us on the realm where fashion and function meet with her backpack. Het wine colored bag is equipped with pockets galore and will have you set for a long day on campus. Let’s not forget there’s enough room to pack another layer of clothing just in case it gets too chilly. It’s all about proper planning, people!

To add some lux to her laid back look, this Fashionista dares to dazzle with a pair of diamond shaped earrings. Upon finding this Fashionista, I was drawn to these geometric gems as they appear versatile enough for a day in class or night out with the girls. Plus, they weren’t terribly long to the point where they would seemingly get too fussy to wear.

One Simple Change: When the school week is over but your responsibilities aren’t; throw on some overalls while running errands! You’ll have much more room for mobility as you’re moving 10 times more than you would be in your (air conditioned) classroom.