Summer school may be the typical bore as you imagine yourself laying out on a chair at the beach, but that doesn’t mean your outfits have to be lacking! Study up before the teacher takes attendance! Continuing your education in the dead of summer may seem like something to put on your “don’t” list, but there is definitely a bright (and sunny) side to it! You can play with fashion! The weather is much better than it is during the regular academic year, and you should definitely take advantage of that!

This Fashionisto dons a fairly simple outfit but incorporates color to wake up his classmates during first hour! With faded denim shorts, he stays cool while looking it. His gray T-shirt is a high low cut, which adds dimension to the look! Use him as an inspiration to play with levels and layering!

The most important element in this look? His amazing floral hat of course! With vibrant hues of magenta, lavender and golden yellow, it more than steals the show. He pairs this accessory with black sneakers and a little white sock peeking through to pull the whole thing together colorwise. You’ve got to love a good head to toe color scheme!

Dressing for summer school should be fun! It is summer, after all. Whether it be to impress the cutie in chemistry or just for your own fun, don’t be afraid to stand out (or bring your backpack)!

One Simple Change: Looking to meet up with your friends at the beach after? Ditch the T-shirt and throw on a tank top to cool things off! Sandals are also a great addition to the after biology beach look!