It’s almost the first (official) day of summer! Unfortunately, summertime doesn’t call for endless days at the beach or sleeping in until noon for all of us. For some, summer calls for more classes in a smaller timeframe. Hopefully those of you who have summer classes are doing well! I found one Fashionisto on his way back from class who kept his look simple and comfortable.

Here, our Fashionisto wore a red, white and blue plaid shirt as part of his ensemble. His shirt boasted more of a Madras/check pattern, to be precise. He slightly rolled up his sleeves to emphasize the casual vibe that he was going for. He paired his plaid shirt with light beige khaki shorts. Khaki is the kind of the color that suits any color or style.

We all know that walking to class can be both a journey and a struggle, but not with the right shoes. Our Fashionisto stepped out in simple blue sneakers, which also showcased some plaid on both sides. The flatter soles were perfect for walking around campus in complete and total comfort.

His prescription glasses added even more to the scholarly look. Vivienne Westwood once said, “I can’t think without my glasses.” Being prepared for class is essential in doing well; this includes wearing your glasses or contacts (something I never do, but probably should). Finally, he pulled his outfit together with a simple black backpack. What better way to carry everything that you could ever need for class than with a reliable JanSport backpack?

One Simple Change: Going out? A few simple changes here and there can tailor this outfit for any event. When class is over, ditch the backpack and swap out the shorts for a pair of jeans. Instead of relaxed sneakers, go for a pair of dressier boat shoes and you’re good to go!