Summer is officially here! This means loads of sun, fun and extreme doses of humidity. As temperatures continue to rise, we’ve become certain that it can become increasingly challenging to dress appropriately for summer school and stay cool in the summer’s heat.

Its no secret, early mornings classes always seem to get the best of us. With time on the opposing side, it is clear to see why comfortable, yet stylish essentials are vital for those days you don’t want to settle for sweatpants. This is why denim shorts are a must-have this semester.

Whether you’re headed to the beach, a lively Greek party or anywhere in between, denim shorts are an ideal way to effortlessly define your casual, cool look. Not only do they allow versatility with an array of washes and prints, but they’re also perfect for speaking to every Fashionista’s personal style.

This Fashionista styled her classic denim shorts with a sheer, neutral colored girly blouse, resulting in a comfortable bohemian look that was exemplary for a school environment. A pair of leather Birkenstock sandals makes way for the perfect blend of stylish, yet casual while also creating an island vibe; ultimately, the best vibes for the summer time.

If you haven’t found the perfect denim shorts, head over to your local mall or thrift shop for unique, affordable finds. Depending on how you style them, you can go from casual cool to vintage boho-rocker. You don’t need a ton of new clothes to look stylish this summer. Mixing and matching your denim with various textures and unique patterns is the easiest way to make a noteworthy style statement. It’s the summer, so why not be more open to experimentation?

One Simple Change: Add an edgy twist to your casual look by exchanging classic denim for a pair of distressed or frayed denim. Even adding a stylish fedora to your summer school outfit can complete and upgrade your summer look.