Despite the weather here in New York being bipolar lately, switching from rain to sun on a whim, Fashionistas are making the most out of it. Summer means different things to different people. For some, it’s all about the holidays, and for others, unfortunately it’s about summer school. With the weather being bipolar recently, a Fashionista always seizes the opportunity to make the most of her day when the weather is nice.

When it comes to summer school, a lot of people opt for the comfortable route by wearing sweats and tank tops. However, this Fashionista wasn’t having that. Whether it’s summer school or a trip to the mall, one should always put their best foot forward.

This Fashionista had the right mindset. Most people abandon leather when summer arrives because one can never predict New York weather; it can go from zero to a hundred very quickly. By looking at the outfit, it’s clear that this Fashionista likes to experiment. She does this by pairing black leather overalls with a white, polka-dot, sleeveless, collared blouse. The blouse adds a feminine touch to the outfit while the leather overalls have the opposite effect, making the outfit interesting.

This Fashionista completed her look with a hat and sneakers. Wandering around school halls can be stressful, so wearing a pair of sneakers is never a bad idea. This minimalistic look can be worn to the cinema, mall or lunch with friends.

One Simple Change: Planning to paint the town red with some friends after a long, strenuous day at school? Remove those sneakers and change into a pair of strapless heels. Lipstick on (go for a bold color) and you’re good to go.