Sometimes, I feel like summer classes can really cramp my style. All I want to do is be outside and enjoy the sunshine, not be cooped up in a classroom. Oftentimes, lecture halls become glazed in a layer of sticky humidity. Not to mention with the infamously long walks to class here at MSU, flip flops simply won’t do. So, when the possibility of breaking a sweat in class is very real and summer’s staple shoe is out of the question, choosing the right outfit might leave you fashionably frazzled. How can you achieve the coolest look for summer class—literally?

This Fashionista is here to help! I spotted her headed to class on a warm morning and was instantly inspired by her casual boho look, starting with her shoes. All the practicality of the classic dual strap Birkenstock has been redesigned with a fun twist. A durable single strap and trendy wrap around the toe gives these Birkenstock Mayari flat sandals a stylish touch. The signature comfort in the soles of these shoes makes them an ideal choice for class attire.

Black is a sleek color on hot summer days because it will flawlessly mask any potential perspiration. The loose fit of this Fashionista’s black top seemed to be a perfect match for the day ahead, while her khaki shorts were an on-trend way to keep her boho ensemble functional. This Fashionista completed her look with true authenticity, compliments of a recent study abroad trip to Asia. Her gold ring was a souvenir from India and the little splash of primary color in her bracelet came all the way from China. This unique jewelry was an artsy way to capture her style.

One Simple Change: There’s really nothing better than casual drinks or dinner on the patio with your friends in the summertime. Take this look from day to night by swapping the Birkenstocks out for a colorful pair of sandals. Bold shoes are the most dynamic way to conquer any night.