You know those mornings when it feels like it is almost impossible to get out of bed? You may have been up all night cramming for an exam or maybe you just could not fall asleep because there was too much on your mind. But I do not think those excuses are good enough to hold you back from missing class and making the best of your day. On those tough mornings, you can always just lean towards a more comfortable outfit. I am not saying that you should wear your pajamas to class, but maybe something that actually feels (but does not look) like you are! Stray away from the mainstream leggings and T-shirt outfit that you see everywhere on campus. Try to be a little different and maybe you’ll stick out to the cutie that sits in the back row of your class.

Follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and wear something free-spirited and flowy to class. Her look has a bohemian charm to it that makes her look like she got out of bed no problem, and spent time creating her look in the morning. She is wearing relaxed-fit, beach pants and a loose, solid-colored tank top that will not be uncomfortable while sitting down for two hours in class. The jewelry helps transition the look from a lazy to luminous. Sometimes a little bit of jewelry can really dress up a look. I own a pair of shorts that could easily be mistaken for pajamas, but once I put jewelry on it changes the entire outfit to something I can wear out and about. The Fashionista completed her look with Sanuk flip flops that will keep her feet comfy even if she has a long walk to class. Speaking of long walks, she is even wearing a Fitbit!

One of my most favorite parts of this Fashionista’s class look is her hairstyle. A fishtail is a perfect touch to any bohemian-styled outfit and it saves you from having to straighten or curl your hair. It will make getting ready take an extra three minutes, but it saves your hair from heat damage. It is also an easy way to avoid having to shower again in the morning if your hair didn’t dry right the night before. This Fashionista may have been up all night finishing a paper for class, but we would never know because she looks stunning in her comfy class outfit.

One Simple Change: Having a rough morning, but you have brunch plans with your BFFs? Wear the same style outfit, but throw on a pair of wedges to dress it up for the occasion.