Summer is the time for the beach, cut-off shorts, hanging out with friends and for many students, summer classes. Campus is a lot more quiet, and students are no longer crowding the student union. Plus, there is no line to get an iced coffee at Starbucks, which is especially great during these hot summer months. While some students may take this opportunity to dress down, this Fashionista showed off her personal style and dressed to impress.

When I spotted this fashionista from across the breezeway, I couldn’t help but notice how effortless her outfit was. She was casual but totally fashion-forward, and not looking like she was trying at all. It looked like she just threw a few things on and the outfit kind of just came together flawlessly, which I loved.

Whoever said that horizontal stripes are never a good idea clearly never saw this Fashionista, or this stylish horizontal striped crop top. People usually give horizontal stripes a bad reputation for making them look wider, but this crop top defied that stereotype and looked great. Plus, it is just the right length, making it acceptable and adorable for going out or going to class.

She also rocked a pair of straight leg jeans with a basic brown leather belt and a brown leather shoulder bag to match. A large bag has plenty of room to hold all of her notes and school supplies. Straight leg jeans don’t get as much hype as skinny jeans do, but they are a universally great cut. They are still straight and form-fitting, but not as tight as skinny jeans, making them a little more comfortable and versatile.

To complete her casual-chic outfit for class, she wore a pair of neutral closed toe sandals. Both trendy and practical, these are the perfect shoes to walk to class to and explore campus with. They are really detailed, and a unique alternative to the typical sandal or flip flop. I love how she kept the outfit simple and understated, leaving the focus to the striped crop top and detailed sandals. She works neutrals into her outfit with ease, from the black and white striped crop top to the monochromatic brown of her belt, bag and shoes.

One Simple Change: It is super easy to transform this look from class to going out with friends. Swap out the flat closed toe sandals for a pair of chunky heels or cool brown wedges, and throw on a structured black blazer. Finally, add some arm candy like bangle bracelets and a watch, or opt for a statement necklace instead. This is a perfect choice to wear and be ready for a night out with the girls!