If we are being honest here, then I have to start off by saying that keeping up with personal style and always looking your best is actually a bit difficult! Sure you want to impress that cutie at the school Starbucks but in the end, will he ever remember what you wore? Despite always wanting to look good, sometimes you just have to let your hair fall on your shoulders and dress very comfortably and relaxed when bae (slang for babe) isn’t around or when you’re not a killer party. The whole idea is to keep your own edge, even if it’s a casual look!

This Fashionista just gave me goosebumps on how she carried out the look, even though it was just a regular day as she ran off to her next class. Wearing her sweatshirt as a dress had to be one of the most standout things of the look. It brought out the very simple aspect of the look, with the accessories complementing it as well. As the floral trend is still in, the floral eight on the sweater gave the dark colored garment some punch. Instantly, you are drawn to the silver cap as well, as it just speaks out glamour…and maybe even  you’re fabulous grandma who tries to stay hip could wear it.

Let’s not forget about the accessories now, as the arm candy was just to die for. From friendship bracelets to beaded bracelets, the wrist swag was on point. It’s a type of look that many can’t pull off without revisiting middle school looks, and occasionally listening to Metro Station. The ring and her fabulous necklace also made the accessories madness go into another phase which was golden to see.

To finish off the look, the Fashionista lugged around her baja backpack that screamed, “I want classes to end!” That is, if bags could talk. It gave a bit of funk and individuality to this Fashionista’s overall look. To conclude, the Fashionista threw on some awesome Coach sneakers. You know the shoes make or break an outfit, and these did not disappoint. Despite the Fashionista having a busy day of classes, she still made her uniqueness shine in a look she would not typically wear. That’s dedication right there!

One Simple Change: It’s so difficult to just choose one thing to change with this look, as it’s very dynamic! If anything, to make it a night look, the Fashionista could lose the hat and shoes. Once that’s done, to give it more of a dark and vampy look, add on some high-waist black riding pants and black chunky boots to finish it off.