For most of us, school is on pause for the summer, but others aren’t as lucky! Some only took a two-week vacation and have bravely taken up summer courses. Dressing for school is one thing, but dressing for school during the summer is an entirely different dilemma. The weather is hot and sticky outside yet many classrooms are chilled. The type of clothing you wear during this time of year should be versatile: relaxed enough to sit inside comfortably but also light enough to stay cool when walking to and from class. It’s important to maintain a stylish appearance and there is no reason why style can’t be obtained even during summer class.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a summer class look that was simply too cute. When I spotted this Fashionista,I fell in love with her outfit’s ability to combine tomboyish simplicity and feminine charm. She rocked easy-to-wear clothes, but she accessorized them in a stylish manner. The Fashionista wore a pair of skinny dark denim jeans that defined her long legs and drew attention to her lace oxford shoes. Her black T-shirt successfully worked as a background to other accessories, and emphasized her blue ombre scarf. My favorite accessory, however, was her silver, teardrop earrings. These smoothly-textured earrings added to her outfit without detracting from her shoes or scarf.

This Fashionista is now comfortable enough to move from an air-conditioned classroom to a hot, summer day, but also stylish enough to make a lasting impression.

One Simple Change: If you’re a busy bee and have a night out with the girls planned right after class, bring along a pair of lace like high heels and swap them out for those flats. You are now ready to hit the town without stopping to change your entire look!