As summer break is just a few short weeks away on most campuses, we can’t help but feel not only the excitement, but also the stress and pressure that comes with completing projects and preparing for finals. Sometimes it gets to the point where all of your attention tends to fall when it comes to planning your outfits. Since we all have have to prioritize our grades and just making it to class on time, fashion may have to take a backseat.

That’s why I love seeing when a fellow Fashionista/o takes simple steps to put together an outfit that’s perfect for attending class. It’s during these last few weeks that you truly get to see the creativity of students, giving you the opportunity to see elements of their personal style shine through when they come to class regardless of how busy they get. It’s always interesting to see how much effort gets put into what they wear as well as their techniques when it comes to looking put together after those late night study sessions.

This specific Fashionista really has it down. From the moment she stepped on campus, she looked ready and prepared with an outfit that epitomizes simplicity and class. Incorporating very feminine and preppy pieces creates a very stylish and effortless look overall. To accomplish this, she paired a pink and white pinstriped button-up with a white club collar and white cuffs from kate spade, along with blue medium wash skinny jeans, cuffed at the ankles from J.Crew. For shoes, she chose a pair of Dolce Vita pointed-toe flats with ankle straps, ideal for walking around campus comfortably. Last but not least, she accessorized with some classic Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses and a kate spade watch, laptop sleeve and blue and white striped tote that’s spacious enough for all the essentials.

All in all, this Fashionista is dressed for success and ready to conquer her next class.

One Simple Change: After finally making it to the end of your class/final, simply substitute your practical flats with a pair of your favorite heels for an instant dinner date night look.