At the University of Oregon in Eugene we have a saying that goes “if you don’t like the weather now, wait five minutes”. In just five minutes I have seen the skies change from bright blue to stormy grey, then to a violent hail storm that left students confused and bruised. This unpredictability in the weather continues through all seasons and demands that students know how to layer their outfits and become one with their umbrella. This Fashionista is layered up and ready to combat warm summer air, frigid classroom AC and surprise summer storms with an umbrella stashed in her tote.

This Fashionista brings her own class to class.  She looks effortlessly classy by pulling together quality basics and tying them together with a few personalized elements. On this beautiful blue sky day, she is en route to class rocking a neutral color scheme with a punch of mixed metal accessories.

With her bright green eyes and clear complexion, this Fashionista needs only minimal makeup to look fresh and polished. Caking on makeup during the summer months may lead to your face looking like a melting Popsicle, so I love that this Fashionista utilizes makeup to accent her natural beauty and lets her summer glow shine through without any Popsicle-like side effects.

While a white top may seem like a basic choice, it doesn’t have to be boring.  Follow the lead of this Fashionista and add your own personal accent such as a white lace bandeau. Her breezy top swings perfectly over the cropped, olive green pants. The trendy green works well in any season, complements many colors and  flatters many skin tones and complexions. By rolling up her pants, this Fashionista showcases her classic nude sandals and summer-ready coral toes. Never let the summer heat sneak up on you—think like a Boy Scout and always be prepared and pedicured.

Now onto my favorite part of any look: the accessories. This Fashionista has a tale to tell with her bling; each item has a story of its own. While each of these distinct pieces may not appear to go together at first glance, when combined by this Fashionista they create a trendy yet classic look that uniquely hers. I especially love the chunky masculine Omega watch next to the delicate bracelets that state “choose joy” and “fearless”. A simple necklace, understated gold earrings and iconic aviator sunglasses complete her classic look.

One Simple Change: Going out on the town after your classes? Take this look easily from day to night. Swap out the sandals for a pair of nude wedges to elongate your legs and add some sass to the look. Introduce a punch of color with a bright summer lipstick in pink or coral, and highlight your bronze goddess glow with some gold eyeshadow and a dash of highlighting powder across your cheekbones. Are you a student powered by caffeine and Netflix or a supermodel headed to an after party? The world may never know.