When it comes to class work maximum effort is essential in order to receive the grade desired. Yet, when it comes to fashion, it is often the outfits that require the least amount of effort that result as the most successful. Just as overthinking when answering a question on a test might deviate one from the correct answer, overthinking what you wear is a disastrous choice to make.

Classrooms aren’t the most favorable places. They can be uncomfortably cold or in extreme cases, too hot to handle. They could also have desks too small for legroom or become crowded in such a manner that space for your arms no longer exists. It is essential that what one wears doesn’t add on to the list of discomforts.

The Fashionisto I spotted wore a laid-back outfit comfortable enough for class, yet properly put together. The light blue, white noise patterned polo paired with dark wash denim jeans is an effortless variation of the everyday look of the simple combination of a T-shirt and jeans. This Fashionisto kept his outfit clean for class with pale army green Sperry Top-Siders that perfectly match the green band of his watch. To top the look off, he wore tortoise shell framed Ray-Bans, adding another touch of pattern detail. His outfit demonstrates interest; I like to believe that if one demonstrates interest in the way they are presented to go to class that the confidence boost the outfit gives will translate onto one’s feelings about the subject matter. Maybe, just maybe.

One Simple Change: In order to prepare for the unpredictable class conditions adding a cardigan or lightweight jacket will prevent shivers during a lecture. If it gets hot with it on as you walk from class to class, you could tie it around your waist or neck for a preppy look to add some personal flair to this simple outfit, making sure the outerwear has a contrasting pattern or color.