If looking cute for class during the school year seemed difficult, it’s arguably ten times worse during the summer. The walk from class to class can be unbearably hot, but classrooms couldn’t be colder. Having to dress for two polar opposite temperatures is tough, but this Fashionista was definitely up to the challenge.

What I love about her look is how she managed to stay comfortable without sacrificing style. Simple black leggings served as the perfect base for her look. While leggings might not scream style, they’re basic enough to allow for the rest of her outfit to shine. Not to mention they’re perfect for long days studying in the library and running from Chemistry to British Literature in the span of ten minutes. I also love how this Fashionista chose a graphic T-shirt instead of a plain white alternative. It adds interest to what could have been a boring look. A graphic T-shirt, especially one with a clean lines like this Fashionista’s wearing, will spruce up any casual look.

This Fashionista totally understands the importance of layering when you’re moving from high temps to AC. Her sweater is functional and adorable. A long, oversized sweater is not only a cozy way to add texture to an outfit, but it also doubles as a blanket when lectures seem to dip below freezing.

My favorite part of this look is the floppy hat this Fashionista’s rocking. Who doesn’t love an adorable accessory that also keeps your eyes out of the sun? The leather tie on the hat is the same color as her leather Birkenstock sandals, and I’m a sucker for subtle coordination. Adding two coordinating pieces to an outfit keeps it looking cohesive in a subliminal way.

If you’re feeling a little lost on how to dress for your summer classes, take some inspiration from this Fashionista. Just because you need to be comfortable to get in a solid day of studying doesn’t mean you can’t look great doing it!

One Simple Change: Got out of class in time to make it to your favorite class at the gym? Swap out the sandals for a pair of sneakers, pull your hair back and you’re good to go!