WHAT TO WEAR: Long Day of Class

How many of you Fashionista’s have a day or two that you are just swamped with classes? I know I do! Even though these days can be quite hectic, I still want to look fashionable while remaining comfortable. Sometimes we tend to go for running shorts, plain T-shirts and Nikes to get through the day. This Fashionista shows us how comfortable and trendy we can be.

This Fashionista picked a tribal print maxi skirt as her inspiration for her outfit. Prints are very fun to work with, and you can never go wrong with making it the focal point of an outfit. The flow of this maxi skirt makes it perfect for a long day of class. The fabric of the skirt makes this look very breathable during the hot summer days. Adding some color to an outfit can really make a difference, especially when the main color is black. This Fashionista made the perfect move by adding a light pink camisole to brighten up this look, which also brings the whole look together. Camisoles do not have sleeves, which makes summertime the perfect time to wear them. They keep you cool and comfortable when it is time to switch classes. One thing about camisoles is that they do have spaghetti straps, which could be quite revealing. This Fashionista added a light black sleeveless vest to keep this look classy. With this outfit, you are fashionable and ready for a long day of class. Now you can save the running shorts and Nikes for workout day!

One Simple Change: You and some friends decide that grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant after a long day would be quite relaxing. For a day to night transition, try switching out the maxi skirt for a more fitted tribal print pant and change the sandals to a classic black pump. This will create a more effortless and chic look.