Are you tired of constantly being surrounded by sweatpants, yoga pants, sneakers and hoodies? Sometimes it seems impossible to escape the lazy collegiate uniform that follows us from class to class, but this is where Fashionistas and Fashionistos come in to save the day. This particular Fashionista describes her personal style as being based around comfort—and how fabulous does she look? Embracing your inner style can be totally comfortable and fun, just take a few notes from this Fashionista’s look.

This Fashionista proves that classes are the perfect occasion to show off your style game. She wears a pair of slightly destroyed, distressed skinny jeans, which is a simple swap for those leggings you’ve been reaching for far too often (jeggings are your friend!). On top, she plays with texture by pairing a soft and cozy plaid flannel with a fluffy fur vest; definitely not your average classmate’s outfit. She finishes off her casual-chic outfit with a pair of easy and casual white Converse, tying this Fashionista’s outfit together. She plays up her natural beauty with a pop of bright red on her lips and an adorable pair of studs. Her voluminous bun adds a touch of femininity and class.

There is no doubt that this Fashionista gets an A+ in style!

One Simple Change: Heading from class on campus to a night out on the town with friends? To transition this outfit from casual to a day-to-night look, swap the Converse for a trendy pair of booties and you’re ready to paint the town!