Camouflage is making its way back into the fashion world! This Fashionisto was making his fashion statement on his way to class by wearing camouflage and a double-breasted jacket with a full zipper.

This outfit is perfect for just going to class because it’s so simple, but has fashion written all over it. I love how he meshed the camouflage with the dark jacket, as he avoided making his outfit look too complicated. The jacket he wore fit really well with the pants as he stayed with a solid color to go with the pattern. I like how he finished up the outfit with a black beanie. These popular hats have also been making their way in as a big trend this season.

Personally, I have never liked camouflage up until a little while ago, as it began to start trending. It gives a military look to any outfit you wear and adds a lot of texture. When it comes to wearing camouflage on the bottom, I would recommend wearing its classic color—green. If you’re wearing it elsewhere, such as a shirt or a bandana, any color would work just fine.

One Simple Change: Going on a date after class? Want to take this look up a few notches? All you need to do is change the bottoms to a pair of classic khakis to make it suitable for dinner or a more formal occasion. Add a pair of leather shoes to dress it up even further. Then to top it off, instead of wearing a beanie add a scarf if you want to accessorize!