So it’s halfway into the semester. Spring break is either so close that you can’t wait or it’s passed and now there’s only summer to look forward to, which seems way too far away. Either way, it’s going to be hard to drag yourself to class. Throwing on some sweats or other questionable looks—I’m looking at you bathrobe guy—may seem like the easiest option, but I disagree. Sometimes the comfiest clothes can be the most stylish.

This Fashionista nailed her trendy, but comfy, outfit for class. She layered an aqua blue mohair sweater under a fitted black jacket with leather detailing on the shoulders. A mohair sweater is probably one of the softest pieces you can ever own in your wardrobe, but it also stands out as a very stylish piece. She complemented the aqua blue of the sweater with a subtly patterned teal scarf. Her scarf is what originally caught my eye due to the way she effortlessly styled it into what’s sometimes called, “The Jet Setter.” To achieve ultimate comfort, she wore slim, black jogger pants. However, it’s her accessories that pulled the whole look together. I adored her large-frame glasses with teal detailing that matched her teal and red geometric earrings. She also wore bright red high-tops, worn to cozy perfection and rocking striped laces.

This look is the ultimate nerdy-chic. Each piece could act as its own statement, but they’re so versatile that they layer easily into a cool classroom look. This is a perfect example of how to dress stylishly for class, while still wearing your comfiest clothes.

One Simple Change: Heading out with friends after class? Trade the casual pants for a flirty skater skirt and some tights if it’s chilly! Keep the bright red high-tops to make it a sporty look.