Going to class is sometimes a mission. You know you are going to have to sit there for at least an hour. The walk there is cold and dreadful. When you get to class, it’s either too hot or too cold in the room. You want to be comfortable while you sit so you can focus on learning, but you also want to look stylish!

From personal experience, I know that it is hard to motivate yourself to put on something other than sweatpants. If I’m going to sit down for a three hour lecture, the last thing I want to be is uncomfortable.

This Fashionista knows exactly what she is doing. From top to bottom, she is wearing the ultimate “go to class” outfit. She takes a lot of basic, necessary items that every girl has in their closet and creates a fun, casual look.

Boyfriend jeans are a must-have for any occasion; they can be dressed up or down and provide the ultimate comfort. A tight black shirt is worn underneath the black trench coat to give just the right amount of layering to keep warm. The black shirt is basic enough that it can be paired with such an amazing, colourful scarf. This scarf can also be wrapped around the shoulders to create a new look if it gets a little cold in class! A patterned scarf brings the perfect amount of texture and colour to a simple ensemble.

Booties are a go-to for any outfit. This Fashionista wears a low heel bootie to class up her look and also to elongate her legs. Booties look amazing when worn with a pair of rolled up boyfriend jeans!

Take tips from this Fashionista for an easy and stylish look that is also comfortable for those long days in class!

One Simple Change: Meeting somebody special for a bite to eat after class? Take off the scarf and the basic black T-shirt and throw on a blouse to turn this look into a comfortable, yet classy one.