Everybody seeks to master that “effortless cool” look, where you look like you purposely just rolled out of the most fabulous bed ever made. As a die-hard Fashionista, I have been attempting to conquer this challenge for years, and have yet to strike the right balance. However, this Fashionista embodies the essence of effortless. I have never seen this look so well captured before. The formula as demonstrated by this Fashionista seems to be basic neutral pieces with an emphasis on the silhouette.

This Fashionista pairs a simple shirt with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. She layers the ensemble with a gorgeous androgynous camel colored coat and a long black scarf. She accessories with a trendy black unstructured leather tote and cool easy slip on shoes. Sometimes less really is more.

What I love about this look is how well it works for a day in class. It not only looks cool, but is super comfortable as well. I will be the first to admit that skin tight skinny jeans and sky high heels are not the most functional choices for sitting in a lecture hall. As fabulous as it might be, this look proves that there are much more appropriate ways to look amazing. Another advantage of this outfit is how well it works for the changing weather in Ohio. Going from winter to spring is such a slow transition in our area and this layer outfit is perfect for the different weather.

One Simple Change: Want to add a little more pattern and interest into the outfit? Swap the basic shirt for a fitted striped T-shirt. The result will make the outfit appropriate for date night.