With a sad heart but a dark tan to remember Spring Break, we must make our way back to class and stick it out for the homestretch before summer. We might have to wait a few more weeks till bikinis can be a daily staple in our clothing routine, but it doesn’t mean us Fashionistas/os can’t finish out the semester in style! Let this Fashionista’s outfit be your inspiration to carry out the school year with easy, attainable trendiness.

This Fashionista’s look embodies comfy but cute all in one outfit that is ready for any full day of class. My attention was first drawn to her maroon tank top that was decorated with a metallic design towards the top of the tank top. The cotton to mesh material and the metallic design dressed up the look of a basic tank top. The tank top paired with simple denim jeggings went perfectly together because the jeggings didn’t take away from the design of the shirt.

The main accessory that the Fashionista used as her bag for her class was a great choice for this outfit and for many future outfits as well. The color-blocked tote bag is trendy and bold, but the black and white coloring was simple enough to match this outfit. This bag can also go with many other materials or coloring of outfits. I always recommend, as this Fashionista shows with her outfit, to add one or a few bracelets in order to finish up a trendy campus ready look.

One Simple Change: The difference of denim jeggings to black high-waisted pants can dramatically change this class attire to fancier attire in seconds! You can also swap the flip flops for black booties or heels to make this look even more formal.