We’re nearly there, fellow college students! Just when we all thought this semester would never end, and we’d be stuck in the miserable coldness that has been this winter forever, a miracle happened. The sun burst through the clouds and warmed the campus once again, reminding us that the glorious months of summer await us just on the other side of some tests and projects.

But, as I said, though we’re nearly there, we’re not quite there yet. Although the recent forecast promises warmer and greener days, we still have a little under half of a semester to keep chugging through. One thing that’s sure to keep your spirits up while you await the beloved days of summer is pulling together some adorable outfits for class.

Take this Fashionista, for example. On one of our toastier Ohio days as of late (and by “toastier” I mean a high of 50 degrees as opposed to the negative temperatures we experienced a week prior), she wore a gray sweater layered over a button-up shirt with a navy blue and white skirt. Her accessories consisted of a red patterned scarf and a darling felt hat. The whole look gave off a cool vintage vibe, was perfectly weather appropriate and was still plenty comfortable to wear while sitting in a classroom for a couple hours.

Another key aspect to her look? Layers. While the weather is transitioning, you never know when a lecture hall is going to be blasting the heat or prematurely switching to air conditioning. It’s best to be prepared for both situations. With her scarf, hat and sweater, she could stay bundled up for any colder temperatures she may encounter throughout the day, but she could easily take them off to stay cooler when need be.

So after you’re done working on all of your homework tonight, go ahead and plan out something to wear to class tomorrow that’ll be sure to brighten up your day. If we can’t speed up time to make summer come along sooner, we can at least have fun dressing for class to make the wait a bit more bearable.

One Simple Change: If you have big plans for the weekend, this vintage-inspired, layered look will work perfectly for those too. Just switch out the boots for a pair of simple ballet flats, and you’re ready to go.