I shamelessly admit that my favorite part of going to class is seeing what my classmates decided to wear for the day. Nothing excites me more than seeing someone express themself through their personal style! I was sitting in my photography class when I spotted this Fashionisto rockin’ some cool kicks. As I approached him, I noticed his simple and effortless style.

This Fashionisto wears a casual look giving off chill and relaxed vibes. If your’re going to be spending hours in a lecture, I suggest following in his footsteps and choosing an ensemble for comfort. He wears a plain garnet T-shirt with a black hooded leather jacket. I think a black leather jacket is a basic staple that everyone should have in their closet. It’s versatile and can go with any outfit! For bottoms, he wears khaki pants which goes well with his dark colored T-shirt. Another staple one should have in their wardrobe! A pair of khakis can be worn causally as this Fashionisto has done or for more formal occasions, for example, a job interview.

Guys can accessorize, too! Check out this gray beanie perfect for concealing a bad hair day. And I can’t forget to mention my favorite piece from his outfit, his shoes! He sports a pair of garnet colored shoes with brown details. I’m not sure if this is intentional but he’s low key reppin’ Florida State colors! Where my Seminole fans at?

One Simple Change: As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer it’s time to ditch the cold weather accessories! Replace your beanie and leather jacket with a hat, perfect for keeping the sun away from your eyes and a tank top great for surviving hot days like those we have in Florida!