We all have those days when “looking our best” comes second to sleeping for an extra 30 minutes. On those mornings, throwing on your comfiest pair of sweatpants and favorite T-shirt may seem like the easiest and best option (especially when you’re looking at sitting in an uncomfortable lecture hall seat all day). However, though it may not seem like it as your alarm goes off in the morning, looking nice for class can have some major benefits!

Professors aren’t just there to throw information at you; they are experts in their field, who most likely have connections to other professionals. If you make a good impression on them, you could be opening a lot of doors for your future. Dressing well says that you are a serious student who cares about personal presentation. Also, dressing nicely can cause you to hold yourself to a higher standard; since your outfit isn’t telling your brain that it’s time for bed, you might find yourself paying more attention in class and taking better notes.

“Dressing well,” in this case, does not necessarily mean wearing a suit and tie to your 8:00 a.m. class, but a few notches above pajamas couldn’t hurt. I spotted this Fashionisto wearing an outfit that is sure to impress. He wears a basic navy sweater on top, with a more fitted pair of red khaki pants. I love his bold use of color; colored khakis can give a youthful twist to an otherwise formal outfit. The whole look is completed with tan suede dress shoes and a classic black watch.

One Simple Change: Want to transition this look into the warmer months ahead? Try switching out the sweater with a button-down and roll up the sleeves, or opt for a short-sleeved polo.