The weather in North Carolina is as reliable as a bike with no wheels. Three days ago we had a snow day and today it is 76 degrees and sunny. What’s a girl to do? Fishing out dresses and spring clothes after wearing thermals and mittens just three days before is a task no Fashionista wants to perform.

Lucky for this Fashionista, this colorful dress was probably the first thing that caught her eye when she was hunting for an outfit suitable for the day’s sunny weather. If there is that one day when the warm weather is tugging on the bottom of your pant legs pleading for you to put on a dress, go for it!

When I say “go for it,” I mean it! This is the time where being totally yourself and doing whatever you want is facilitated by a fully receptive college campus. Take what you see others wearing and make it your own. Bouncing ideas off of your peers doesn’t just happen inside of the classroom!

Fashion is supposed to be fun and this Fashionista decided to have some! She put on this eccentric dress with a funky Guatemalan vibe that demands attention. Her thick boots are perfect for stepping on any unmelted snow or the wet walkways. The jean jacket hoodie makes the look more chill, relaxed and fun. This Fashionista knows how to play with patterns and textures.

One Simple Change: Exchange the boots for a pair of great heels and the jean jacket for a leather one for a day to night look!