Class can sometimes be the hardest thing to put together an outfit for. This time of the year, the walk to class could be freezing, but the class itself could be a sweltering 75 degrees. Some classes could be miles away from your dorm or apartment, so then you need an outfit that’s stylish, but definitely still comfortable. It can also be difficult to find a way to incorporate a statement piece into an outfit when all you want to do is throw on a T-shirt for class.

This week’s Fashionista rocks an outfit that’s not only stylish, but is comfortable enough to wear through an entire day of classes! My favorite thing about this outfit is the statement skirt. It can be all too easy to avoid any kind of statement piece when putting an outfit together for a day of classes, but this Fashionista adds a skirt that is bold and fun. With its beaded details and intricate pattern, this skirt definitely gets her an A in my book.

To finish off her look, she adds a super cool khaki leather jacket, chunky infinity scarf, black tights and tall, dark riding boots. With a skirt as busy and patterned as this one, I love how the simplicity of the rest of the pieces really bring all the attention to the skirt! Adding a cool jacket over a skirt with tights is a great way to look dressed up for class, while still being as comfortable as possible.

One Simple Change: After a long day of studying, you definitely deserve a night out with your girlfriends. Swap your statement skirt with black, ripped jeans and add a pair of fun heels and you have the perfect going out outfit!