Despite the temptation to go to class in sweatpants and a T-shirt, I always will myself to dress for success. Maybe it’s all in my head, but I always feel better about the day ahead when I am looking my best. When dressing for class, it is super important to find that perfect combo of casual, professional and comfortable. Although your appearance isn’t everything, showing up in your pajamas might give your professor the wrong impression. Finding an outfit that looks good, but is also comfortable enough to sit through your three hour lecture is super easy. As long as you have some go-to basics, like a pair of jeans and a button-up, you’ll never have to worry in the morning when you have five minutes to get across campus for your 8:00 am.

This Fashionisto is sporting the ultimate class-ready outfit. He is the perfect mix of casual, professional and comfortable. His chambray button-down under his navy blue sweater is so on-trend and perfect for the winter to spring transition. Even better, the light blue pattern on his sweater brings out the light blue of the chambray. His corduroy shearling-lined jacket is warm and ties together his whole look. This Fashionisto’s outfit looks effortless and simple yet very put together. Overall, he is the perfect example of dressing for success, and ready to take on the world; or perhaps ready to take on mid-terms.

One Simple Change: Going straight from class to a date or night out with friends? Switch up the khakis with a nice dark wash jean and add some glam with a watch. This gives the look a sleeker, more night appropriate feel to your outfit.