Classes have settled down. You have been comfortable in your sweatpants and hoodie, (or your pajamas, if that’s what you wear to class). With a campus roaming with professionals of all kinds, you want to look as if you care about your education in front of these employers. How does one look put together while still feeling comfortable?

I found a Fashionisto who is rocking the perfect casual career-oriented look to let the roaming employers know you care about your look, while you still feel completely comfortable in class as well. From head to toe, this Fashionisto looks simple, stylish and professional. His look is very ’90s with the glasses, which were one of the accessories I found interesting about his overall look. He chose to pair his faded, distressed black jeans with an all-white button-down dress shirt. His suspenders add to the professional look.

His idea of a monochromatic outfit (which is a big thing this year, it seems) with a pop of red continues to show that he can be stylish, yet comfortable. His tennis shoes turn the look from business to business casual or sporty—this is totally acceptable in a school setting. He can get away with this when talking to a potential employer or guest speaker.

How many times has your school hosted job fair during your class times? Or your teacher has brought in a guest speaker? And were you dressed for the role? You can still be comfortable for your class, but if an event like this is coming up soon, you want to look the part.

If you follow in this Fashionisto’s mindset, you will definitely be able to be comfortable for class and maybe an unexpected talk with a guest speaker or potential employer.

One Simple Change: What if you did get called in for an interview or a meeting with a potential employer? Here are a few changes: exchange the jacket for a blazer, the distressed jeans for pants and put on pair of dress shoes.