It’s not always easy to wake up for class and put effort into your outfit, especially when temperatures are below freezing and you just want to climb back under your blankets. The weather outside may be completely drab, but who says that has to be reflected in your winter style? Take those few extra minutes in the morning to put on something in which you feel comfortable and confident; it will be sure to brighten up your long day of classes.

Wishing you could show your lighter jackets more love during the winter? Try stealing this Fashionista’s tricks as she masters the art of layering and demonstrates how to wear autumn jackets while still keeping warm. Her medium wash denim jacket peeks out from under her parka, adding some color and texture to the overall ensemble. Paired with black bottoms and patent leather boots, she creates an outfit perfect to wear to class. For accessories, this trendy Fashionista is wearing a classic tattoo choker necklace. Additionally, she chooses a berry-colored lipstick to bring some warm tones to the otherwise neutral look. This wide-brim hat is perfect for keeping snow and rain off of your face, but you may want to ditch it during class just to make sure you don’t block anyone’s view.

With a little help and inspiration from this Fashionista, people will spot your outfit on campus and finally have something besides the weather to talk about.

One Simple Change: Need to make your comfy daytime outfit into a cool look for a concert? Simply change your slouchy T-shirt to an eye-catching crop top and you’re set for the night!