Despite the weather being cold and classes going regularly, there are not a lot of options to choose when it comes to clothes you can wear. Going from one class to another is kind of tiring, especially in this kind of weather; however, you can still look stylish.

The look presented is perfect for going to class because it is warm, comfortable and stylish. The colors of the outfit contrast each other, and that is what makes all the pieces stand out on their own. The colors reflect really well the weather. I love how drastic the colors are because they create a very dramatic effect in the outfit. So now that I discussed the outfit as a whole, let’s talk more about the individual pieces of this outfit.

The leather jacket is a very stylish piece and it’s a must to own one. It is a very versatile piece that can be combined and used with different outfits. Since black is a neutral color, it is even more versatile and can be combined with a lot of styles and colors.

Another notable piece in this outfit is the white blouse that is fringed on the bottom. Fringe is very popular today and gives this outfit a very nice edge that changes the dynamic of the outfit. The blue color of the jeans add a pop of color into the outfit and stand out in a great way. All the elements of the outfit work together very well to complement each other and stand out as individual pieces.

One Simple Change: If you add a winter coat on top of the leather jacket, the look would be appropriate for the cold weather.