Going to class in the winter in Syracuse can be discouraging. Especially when you can barely see where you’re headed with all the snow on the ground that hasn’t been plowed yet. It’s been snowing so much lately and the temperature has dropped to the negatives; it makes it hard for Fashionistas/os to wear something stylish yet warm enough to walk from class to class on campus. The good thing about Syracuse weather is that once it goes through weeks and weeks of non-stop snow falling and extreme negative wind chills you know that sooner or later, there will be a glorious week of at least some sunshine and 26-degree weather. Fashionistas/os, take this chance to actually wear something that’s not just warm and comfortable, but worthy of style. I spotted this Fashionista leaving a building wearing a fabulous hat.

See how she’s still wearing something cozy yet it is quite chic? She’s only wearing a graphic white T-shirt and black leggings, but topping her simple outfit with a fringe cardigan and floppy black hat makes her a fashionable college student. Some other accessories that make her outfit stand out are the chunky silver rings, the simple necklace holding one pearl and the red Longchamp bag that goes with her matching red lips. It all tied nicely together, making her simple outfit stand out from the rest of the crowd who’s just wearing sweaters and leggings. One thing you can’t forget to wear in Syracuse are the best snow boots you have because no matter where you walk to you might encounter some snow on the ground, or even ice. So, always wear your best stylish snow boots like this Fashionista did! They even have fur on the top, which can keep your calves warm.

I know that Syracuse weather doesn’t really motivate you to dress nicely for class, but if you dress stylish enough to go out when it’s freezing cold outside I’m sure you can wear something decent for school. So, be comfortable but think fashion! Fashionistas/os must never take breaks!

One Simple Change: Going to an interview right after class? Just change the graphic white T-shirt for a white tunic instead and the fringe cardigan for a black cool blazer. Then, lose those snow boots and wear some booties with a slight heel.