You must be thinking to yourself, how can this spring semester go by so fast? I’ve only been in school for a month, right? Nope, the terrible dreaded midterms are just around the corner. The start of obligatory late nights of stressing and cramming lead to mornings of intense exams. This is a time where you are faced with a terrible choice: on one hand, you could choose not to sleep and continue studying through the night. While on the other hand, you could choose to miss out on valuable study time by going to bed early in order to have a fully functioning brain. At this time of year, it doesn’t help that the weather is just as indecisive as you are; it’s snowing one day and sunny the next. The last thing you want to worry about is your clothing. You need a balance between comfort and not looking like you are still wearing the clothes you slept in. Tights are great for this!

This Fashionista has conquered the comfy and confident look that does not say, “Hey I’ve been studying all night.” Rather, she looks confident and ready to pass her exams with ease. She still wears her boots and sweater for warmth, but her tights and skirt are flexible enough for a cold wind or a sudden afternoon heat wave. There are so many different styles and options with tights. You can experiment with different looks, weights and styles, and tights never look wrinkly from that quick nap you stole in-between classes.

I find that looking good during an exam gives me confidence. Feeling good about what I am wearing allows my mind to concentrate on the exam and gives me an extra advantage on days when I need every advantage I can get.

One Simple Change:  Going to an outdoor concert to treat yourself after the midterms? Simply grab an oversized puff jacket. It will keep you warm and be light enough to dance in the fresh air.